Five December Itineraries in the Caribbean

by dominic sayers

With all the gifts and extra expenses on Christmas and New Year, it’s hard to find enough money for a vacation, especially at this time of the year, when air rates go crazy. Luckily, there are such things as air miles and also a magical, warm place called the Caribbean. You won’t need any ski socks, woollen blouses and not even Christmas trees in there – the whole idea about winter holidays is that they should be relaxing, not stressful. Halfway through December and close enough to Christmas to be eligible for some hot deals, here come five December  itineraries in the Caribbean you might want to check out:


The sunny island of Tobago is where Santa stops ever time on Christmas Eve to have a spicy rum cake and a glass of coconut milk. Tobago as Christmas time is as good as it gets: the weather is wonderful,  hotels and restaurants are generous with their rates and locals show their joyous nature and unrivalled singing skills by singing traditional Christmas songs.


Chilling out on a picture perfect Jamaican beach is one of the most inspired things you can do on Christmas. Jamaica is famous for its fine sands and laid-back culture, but at Christmas time you can see another side of this culture, with coloured lights at every home, carols and a noisy Christmas markets.

St. Lucia

by jimg994

In St. Lucia, like in many Caribbean islands where Christianity is the main religion, Christmas starts in a very ceremonial and sober way, with people attending the Christmas mass. It’s then time for the party to start with rich Creole meals and live music (which are actually Christmas carols sang in the alert and rhythmic Caribbean style).


Curacao at Christmas time is the same fabulous diving location, plus a contagious festive atmosphere. People in Curacao celebrate Christmas like almost everywhere around the world, with family reunions, huge meals and carols. If you are taking your family to Curacao for a memorable Christmas vacation, remember that there are plenty of private sea-side villas to rent, where you can enjoy both the beach and the Christmas spirit.


by robin queen of travel

Aruba is usually famous for its perfect weather, and the month of December makes no exception. Aruba cuisine is very special and delicious so make sure you include it in your Christmas meal. And while you get ready to heat the beaches, try to reserve some hours for shopping: you might find some very nice Christmas bargains.


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