Favourite Activities in Dominica

by gailf548

A Caribbean island with a strong personality, Dominica is often presented by advertisers as a hiker’s and walker’s paradise. And they aren’t far from the truth: unlike most Caribbean islands, Dominica has remained reluctant to foreign investors and offers coming from the big hotel chains, preferring to encourage local entrepreneurs and sustainable tourism. In an island with fabulous nature, abundant wildlife and unspoiled beaches, nature related activities will make your Caribbean vacation a truly unique experience. It would be a pity to travel all the way to ‘the nature island of the Caribbean’ and not enjoy its splendours to the maximum, hence my decision to present you some favourite activities in Dominica:

Hiking and walking

by cisc1970

Hiking and walking are the two most popular activities in Dominica. The island can be considered as a huge nature reserve so, except for private properties, every place is suitable for walking. The Morne Trois Pitons summit hike is unanimously regarded the most spectacular hike in Dominica, but other attractions like Boiling Lake, Victoria falls, Jaco Flats or Emerald Pool can be equally rewarding. The less adventurous or experienced walkers can also try walking tours of capital Roseau and its beautiful gardens.

 Whale Watching

If you ever dreamed about spotting whales, you have come to the right place! Few places have proved more suitable to get glimpses of the world biggest animals that the coastal waters of Dominica. Sper whales have been observed in different times of the year. The common etiquette for those interested in whale spotting is to book a whale watching tour – which is basically a guided boat trip and can takes a whole afternoon, so make sure you plan it carefully.


by jean & natalie

The low pollution level and responsible environmental policies make Dominica’s waters extremely clear. Diving is therefore widely popular with divers, who can enjoy the colourful corals and abundant marine life in optimal conditions. Diving is also a great way to take underwater pictures of the numerous whale and dolphin species which can be found Dominica’s waters.

Festivals and Events

Like most people in the Caribbean, Dominica natives don’t miss any occasion to dance and celebrate. Years are really eventful in Dominica, with one big carnival (but not as big as the one in Tobago), and lots of festivals and concerts like a Creole Music Festival in November and a Diving Fest in July. Dominicans celebrate their Independence Day in November, with lots of fireworks, live music and irresistible food.

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