Famous People from the Caribbean

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The Caribbean region is home not only to some of the world’s most famous and beautiful beaches and beach resorts, but also to a great diversity of ethnicities and countries. Although many people today regard the Caribbean as a much sought-for vacation destination, the Caribbean has offered much more to the world. Sugar cane, rum, exotic fruit and spices, cocktail recipes, pirate stories, calypso, reggae are just a small part of the Caribbean people’s gifts to the world. Also, there are many famous people from the Caribbean about whose native lands you might not be aware of. Here’s a list with Caribbean celebrities from all times:

Bob Marley

The king of reggae and one of the most famous Jamaicans in history, Bob Marley needs no further introduction. With his iconic dread locks, highly influential music and precocious death, Bob Marley has become one of 20st century’s most popular musicians. Today, people from all corners of the world continue to listen to the tunes of ‘No woman, no cry’, ‘Rocksteady’ or ‘Buffalo Solider’.


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Maybe not as famous or influential as Bob Marley, but certainly one of the hottest stars of the moment is Rihanna, a native from Barbados. Rihanna moves to the Unites States when she was only 16 and started one of the most successful careers in contemporary R&B.

Saint-John Perse

Maybe not as popular as the above mentioned celebrities, Saint-John Perse was born in a French family in Guadeloupe, but spend much of his lifetime traveling around the world as a diplomat. For his poetry volumes Saint-John Perse was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature, making him of the several prominent Caribbean figures who have been awarded with this distinction.

Fidel Castro

A socialist revolutionary and leader of Cuba for many, many years, Fidel Castro is probably the most famous of all Caribbean politicians. Some see him as a dictator, some as a hero, but what’s certain about Fidel Castro is that his part in the history of Cuba and the Cold War cannot be denied.

Sydney Poitier

sidney poitier©nicksarebi/Flickr

Even though he was born in Miami, Sydney Poitier spent his childhood in the Bahamas, where both his parents lived. Later, he moved to the USA to work on his acting career, and in the early 60s he became the first black person to win an Oscar. During his acting career Poitiers starred in several dozens movies. He was also worked as a diplomat in Japan, where he represented his native country, Bahamas.



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