Famous Filming Locations in the Caribbean


boating in Bahamas ©cdorobek/Flickr

With their picture perfect beaches and sunny weather, the Caribbean islands make an ideal movie setting. There is no need for special effects or expensive settings: the strong light at the Tropics and the lush vegetation are enough. I’m sure that some particularly beautiful sunset or beach scene from some movie is somewhere in the depths of your memory and you’d like to know where it was filmed. Well, now you have the chance to visit some of these amazing places and take your own pictures or even make your own movie. All you need to do is take a look at these famous filming locations in the Caribbean:


Part of the US territory, Bahamas is a popular filming location.  The island is preferred not only because English is widely spoken and there is no hassle with the visas, but also because the nature of Bahamas is truly amazing.


boating in Bahamas ©cdorobek/Flickr

The movie Thunderball was shot in the proximity of Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. You can also go to Paradise Island and follow the footsteps of famous agent 007 – some of the spectacular diving scenes in Casino Royale were filmed here.

Puerto Rico

Also connected to the James Bond series is the island of Puerto Rico. In the past, the island was a favorite filming location with the directors of this popular film series. You might also remember a very strange sci-fi from the ’90s, starring Jodie Foster in the role of an astronomer looking for extraterrestrial life. Well, some initial scenes from the movie contact were also filmed in Puerto Rico.

Saint Vincent

Port Royal was once one of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. The meeting place of legendary pirates and the heart of Caribbean trade, Port Royalis now underwater after being hit by several hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.

secluded beach

petit st vincent ©lyng883/Flickr

However, this port was brought back to life by the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. With the only exception that the shootings took place of the Isle of St Vincent, part of the Winward Islands.

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are preferred by US film-makers for their low tax policy. But the  islands are also very beautiful, with amazing beaches and dense rainforests. The islands have serves as a filming location for a cult classic, Shawshank Redemption, but also for many other Hollywood movies among which are ‘1492: The Conquest of Paradise’ or ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

cruise ship

US Virgin Islands ©F H Mira/Flickr


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