Famous Caribbean Cocktails You Must Try

strawberry cocktail

Daiquiri ©Marcus Meissner/Flickr

The blend of cultures, flavors, languages that is so typical to the Caribbean region is also reflected in the region’s traditional drinks. Although rum and Curacao liquor are both typical Caribbean drinks, the true spirit of the Caribbean can be best tasted in the delicious cocktails that are typical for the region. Caribbean cocktails like Cuba Libre or Daiquiri are now served almost everywhere in the world, and any respectable cocktail bar should include them on the menu. But, like with any food of drink, Caribbean cocktails taste better in the country that created them. So if you have the slightest interest in cocktails and are planning a Caribbean vacation any time soon, here are some famous Caribbean cocktails you must try:

Pina Colada

The origins of this rum-based Caribbean cocktail are still uncertain. Some say it comes from Puerto Rico, while others will argue that it was first invented in Cuba. Some decades ago, Puerto Rico made a bold move and declared Pina Colada to be its traditional drink. What is certain about this cocktail is that its brilliant combination of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice is deliciously refreshing.

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Pina Colada ©advencap/Flickr


Cubans are responsible for the creation of several world-renowned cocktails, among which the Daiquiri. Like most Cuban cocktails, the Daiquiri has rum as the main ingredient. The secret of a good Daiquiri cocktail lies in the quality of the rum used. Once you have this, getting the rest of the ingredients – fresh lime juice and cane syrup – shouldn’t be a problem.

strawberry cocktail

Daiquiri ©Marcus Meissner/Flickr

Cuba Libre

Few cocktails can ever compete with Cuba Libre in terms of popularity. From Alaska to Australia, people all over the world know and enjoy this simple cocktail. What is really interesting about it is the combination of two extremely popular drinks, Coke and rum, and how well they work together. Anyone who has some rum, Coke, lemon and ice in the fridge can easily prepare a Cuba Libre at home.

Rum Punch

The number 4 drink on our list of famous Caribbean cocktails is also a rum-based cocktail. This one is called Rum Punch, and is a combination of dark rum, bitter and various exotic fruits. The best Rum Punch can be tasted in Barbados, the place where the cocktails was created – and also one of the major rum producers in the world.


rum punch ©twohelmetscooking/Flickr


Black Honey

Now that we’ve reached the 5th and last cocktail, I’m starting to think that the title of this article should have been ‘Carribbean Rum-Based Cocktails’, because, like all previous cocktails, Black Honey is also made with rum. But what makes this one different from all the others is the use of honey instead of sugar, which gives its specific flavor. Lemon juice and lemon peel are also added to the drink to cot the sweetness and add a plus of savor and freshness.


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