Dominica – A Natural Paradise


The Commonwealth of Dominica, Nature Island or simply Dominica refers to an island in the Caribbean Sea, neighboring the equally sunny and exotic Guadeloupe and Martinique. The reasons why Dominica came to be known as the ‘nature island of the Caribbean’ are not difficult to guess. Dominica has been blessed with truly remarkable natural beauties: mountains, tropical forests, rivers, waterfalls, a warm climate and even hot springs. But while its lovely nature allows us to consider Dominica a natural paradise, its warm and welcoming people will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable staying. So if you feel ready to explore Dominica’s much-praised beauties, here are some of them:

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

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As a considerable part of its territory has been declared as a national park or protected area, Dominica is a real gem for hikers, adventurers and nature lovers. It’s best known reserve, Morne Trois Pitons  National Park (part of the UNSECO patrimony) takes its name from the homonymous volcanic peak, rising 5000 feet above the ocean surface. But the rugged peaks and lush vegetation and not the only attractions of the park; you’ll be pleased to discover the spectacular Middleham and Trafalgar Falls, the Titou Gorge and the unique thermal features like the Boiling Lake or the hot springs in Valley of Desolation.

Diving and underwater treasures

Cabrit National Park is located in the Nothern part of the island and encompasses forests, swamps, beaches as well as a historic fort. The park is a favorite destination for hikers and divers alike. The coral reef ‘s greatest attraction is represented by species of sponges and tropical fish. An even more amazing underwater flora and fauna displays Soufriere-Scotts marine Reserve, in the south.  This bay was formed upon a volcanic crater and its sizzling waters are home to the most unusual creatures.

Marine mammals

The ‘whale watching capital of the World’ is another of Dominica’s superlatives. Spotting whales and dolphins is a favorite pass time activity among the visitors of Dominica. While there is no particular place for watching cetaceans, the most common type of whale is

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the sperm whale.  The commonly spotted dolphin species are spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins.

Indigenous Plants and Animals

The island shelters unique species of plants and small animals. While bugs and butterflies are by far the most well-represented animals in terms of uniqueness, there are also lots of flowers and small animals like the anole or the ground lizard. The Imperial Amazon parrot is highly regarded as the national symbol –these colorful parrots represent a threatened species, so they are carefully protected.

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