Day trips in and around Guadeloupe

deserted beach

secret beach Marie Galante ©Guillaume Cattiaux

A butterfly shaped Caribbean island with an interesting creole culture and numerous natural attractions, Guadeloupe is a great choice for those wishing to combine a beach holiday with an adventurous vacation. There are plenty of things to do and see in Guadeloupe, from its UNESCO listed rainforests and amazing beaches to more ‘urban’ attractions as the Rum Museum. It’s very difficult to get bored while vacationing in Guadeloupe, but in case you do, you should know that very close to the main island you can find several smaller islands and islets to explore. Here are some suggestions of day trips in and around Guadeloupe:

Fort Napoleon, Des Saintes

There are two things for which these tiny islands in the Archipelago of Guadeloupe are known for: their superb beaches and their 19th century fort. Called Napoleon III, the fort was built for defense but ended up serving as a prison. Today, the old fort serves as an attraction, hosting a small history museum, as well as some beautiful exotic gardens.


Des Saintes ©sgustin78/Flickr

Route de la Traversee, Babsse-Terre

If you feel like driving in Guadeloupe than you should know that this wonderful island also happens to have one of the best scenic route in the whole Caribbean Island. Route de la Traversee connects Bouillante and Pointe-Noire, crossing Guadeloupe National Park. This is a comfortable way to admire the parks beauties, but no one will stop you from parking your car along the way and taking a short hike.

Guadeloupe (Grand-Žtang) ©sybarite48/Flickr

Guadeloupe (Grand-Žtang) ©sybarite48/Flickr

La Soufriere

We’ve already covered this Caribbean volcano in several occasions on our blog. This majestic mountain represents the highest point of the island, and therefore an unrivaled panorama point. Climbing the top is not very difficult – it’s estimated to be a 2 hour hike – however if you are not very fit and you like to make stops and admire the lush vegetation around you, it might as well take half a day to get up and back.

La Desirade

It takes just 45 minuted by ferry to reach small Desirade island near the coast of Guadeloupe.  With a total length of 11 kilometers, the island can be traversed by foot in just 2 hours. However, this doesn’t stop La Desirade from offering some of the best beaches in the area. There will be nothing to disturb you here, it will be just you, the sky, and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.


There are two categories of tourists that will feel like home in Guadeloupe: nature-lovers and privacy-seekers. The island’s secluded beaches can offer the perfect escape from the average Caribbean beach and its crowds. And when you had enough of that wonderful sun and crystal-clear water, you might as well put on your hiking shoes and explore the island’s mysterious mangrove swamps.

deserted beach

secret beach Marie Galante ©Guillaume Cattiaux/Flickr




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