Coolest Sunk Wrecks in the Caribbean

by tata-aka-T

Someone’s tragedy can often become another person’s luck. It’s an ironic law that usually applies to ship wrecks. The Caribbean were once terrorized by hurricanes and pirates in search of easy money: today, all is left of this are legends and ship wrecks.
While it’s hard to point out which exactly are the coolest sunk wrecks in the Caribbean, few things need to be said before making a short inventory. Firstly, many of these wrecks are surrounded in mystery and make thrilling pirate story subjects. Secondly, some of them, like the following, have become popular diving spots and they will surely inspire some great stories to tell your friends:

Bianca C, Grenada

For some reason Grenada has a lot of ship wrecks around its shores. Which is such a lucky coincidence, as Grenada also happens to have some of the best diving spots in the Caribbean. Bianca C is not exactly a pirate ship, as it sank in 1961. However, Bianca C is now at 167 feet underwater and represents one of the top ratted diving spots in the Grenadines. The ship is well preserved and inhabited by the most interesting sea creatures, however keep in mind that only experienced divers should dive hear as the currents are dangerous.

Maravillas, Grand Bahama Island

by peteoshea

If you happen to be a professional diver heading for Bahamas, than this is your dream ship wreck. Nuestra Senora de la Maravillas sunk in year 1656, supposedly carrying a huge treasure on board. The wreck was only discovered in late 20th century and lots of golden coins were found, however it is said that a considerable part of the treasure is still underwater.

Monte Cristi Pipe Wreck, Dominican Republic

It’s almost impossible to count the total number of ship wrecks to be found off the coast of Dominican Republic. The so-called Pipe Wreck is one of the oldest and most interesting to explore: since the ship sunk in the 17th century, sea weed and calcium carbonate have covered it and gave it an ancient look. It’s also interesting how this unknown ship got its nickname: the first explorers found an incredibly large quantity of smoking pipes in the cargo, so they decided to call it the Pipe Wreck.

Antilla, Aruba

by erik cleves kristiensen

Aruba is another outdoor ship wreck museum in the Caribbean. Here divers can explore the remainings of Antilla, a huge ship that lies only several meters under water. Due to its huge dimensions the wreck can also be seen by snorkelers, however the daring divers will be able to swim along the ship’s corridors and discover furniture and equipment as well as beautiful corals and sea anemones.

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