Caribbean’s best rafting and kayaking destinations

Jamaica rafting©jpockele/Flickr

Cruising the Caribbean has become a very popular way to enjoy the warm deep blue waters of the exotic sea, which was once the territory of pirates and slave traders. But as relaxing as it might be, a cruise will hardly ever give you enough time to properly enjoy the water – and is by no means adventurous. Hopping form island to island on board your own yacht seems like a more attractive alternative. But as not many mortals actually own such a property, rafting and kayaking remain the best two options of making the best of the Caribbean sea and rivers. Here comes a brief inventory of Caribbean’s best rafting and kayaking destinations:

River rafting, Jamaica

Jamaica is famous for its laid-back culture and fine sand beaches, but it also has a reputation as a prime river rafting destination in the Caribbean. One thing that should be notes here is that rafting in Jamaica is not exactly the kind of white water rafting you’ll experience in Colorado, for example. The rafts in Jamaica are traditional rafts made of bamboo and will float slowly along the river, allowing you to admire the nature and maybe learn a bit about the history of the places.

Kayaking in St Lucia

kayaks on beach©Mangrove Mike/flickr

St Lucia’s coastline can only be admired in its full beauty if seen from the sea. And what better way to do it then renting a kayak? Paddling aboard your own kayak you’ll get to admire the island’s pointy mountain peaks and the lush vegetation that covers most of its surface. Some kayak tours might also adventure inland, following the lazy rivers that flow into the sea.

Kayaking Puerto Rico

kayaking Dominica©cisc1970/Flickr

Puerto Rico is another fabulous kayaking destination in the Caribbean. There are numerous agencies that offer this kind of kayak tours in Puerto Rico, ranging from a couple of hours to a full day. There are many beauties that a kayak trip in Puerto Rico can reveal, from uninhabited coastlines and beaches to lagoons and flooded mangrove forests. Tours are, of course, guided and in most cases suitable for beginners and first-timers.

White water rafting, Dominican Republic

Although not as easy to find, white water rafting is available in the Caribbean. Your safest choice would probably be the Dominican Republic, whose Rio Yaque offers fabulous rapids. Experiences rafters will find some more challenging rapids, but generally for the large public white water rafting on the Yaque river is safe and fun. Your pass word is Jarabacoa, as this is where the most rafting companies are located.


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