Caribbean Party Destinations for 2013

beach party ©PTICA10/Flickr

beach party ©PTICA10/Flickr

Planning to travel to the sunny Caribbean this summer? If yes, then congrats for making such a great choice! If no, no problem, you still have time to change your mind and organize

You’ve probably seen countless pictures of Caribbean beaches so far, and you mind is saturated with images of ultramarine waters and coconut trees. But as soon as you set foot on a Caribbean island, you will discover that there is much more to discover here than beaches. Take parties, for example. Some of the hottest parties take place in the Caribbean, and by reading the rest of the article you’ll also get to learn about the exact locations:


Barbados is an excellent nightlife destination. And what else could one expect from island whose main exports are good-quality rum and the R&B singer Rihanna, than lively clubs and memorable parties? Barbados has them all, from intimate pubs where you can warm up to noisy clubs where the party only ends at the break of dawn.

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When it comes to partying, the island of Jamaica has no equivalent. It is practically impossible to avoid taking part in at lest one party while vacationing in Jamaica. This is because partying is a second nature to Jamaicans: you can find them everywhere, from expensive clubs and cruise ships, to beaches. Also, Jamaica is the annual host of some of the best music festivals in the Caribbean, which are nothing but huge street parties with thousands of participants.


A favorite destination with American college students, Bahamas is ideal for a short beach break in the company of your friends. Just like in Jamaica, you will find people partying directly on the beaches, but you will also be amazed by the number of clubs and party events. The great thing about Bahamas are the music bars, which employ their own bands and where you can enjoy excellent live music on an almost daily basis.

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is another hot Caribbean party destination for 2013. Puerto Rico’s charming capital San Juan becomes a huge party scene at night, as its chic clubs and bars turn up the volume and signal the start of the party. 24-hour people will feel like home in Puerto Rico. Any occasion is a good occasion to party here, just like any place can be turned into a dance floor. Improvisation is the key to a great party, and there is no other place where this is more clearly visible than in Puerto Rico.

beach party ©PTICA10/Flickr

beach party ©PTICA10/Flickr




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