Caribbean Hurricane Season: Useful Travel Tips

Hurricanes are probably the greatest menace when traveling in the Caribbean. In addition human negligence and pollution they are the major natural threat to this apparently perfect paradise. History accounts for some really terrible hurricanes and even despite all the weather satellites and modern security measures, it’s still hard to avoid hurricanes beyond any damage.
Still, hurricanes have a positive side: they usually arrive in the same time of the year, which mean that the hurricane season in the Caribbean is represented by the months June to November of each year. This dates can be flexible, however, as there have been recordings of precautious hurricanes arriving as early as May.
Despite the hurricane warning, many people still continue to book vacations during this period. The reasons are numerous: lower rates, fewer people and approximately the same temperatures when the weather is calm. Those willing to take the risk might however use taking a glance at my “Caribbean Hurricane Season: Useful Travel Tips” guide:

Planning your trip

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When planning a trip in the Caribbean during the hurricane season, you are usually confronted with two choices take a cruise ship or book a flight and hotel. The first choice might be better when it comes to hurricanes: cruise ship captains always keep an eye on the forecast and can avoid a storm if necessary. But even on the islands, some locations seem to have natural protections against hurricanes. It is generally believed that Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are more or less out of the usual hurricane route.

Before departure precautions

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The best precaution you can take before your departure is to pay for travel insurance. Only the worst of the hurricanes are life threatening but it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when you risk having your flight cancelled. There is also some kind of hurricane guarantee that some resorts and insurance companies offer, try to check that out as well.

During the holiday precautions

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The first and most important tip: stay tuned to the weather forecast! Hotel stuff and locals are usually instructed to what concerns hurricane procedures, but if you are camping or staying in a really remote place, you’ll need to move really fast. Hurricanes are very unpredictable: they can change their direction or transform form a tropical storm into a 3rd degree hurricane, so this is not the time to be optimistic or too relaxed. It hit be a hurricane, avoid staying close to the beach and find the closest shelter.

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