Caribbean Easter Destinations for 2013

Caribbean sea

beach in Dominican Republic ©benkucinski/Flickr

The memory of the 2013 carnival is so fresh, it seems like it happened yesterday. But in reality, the Easter lent is already over and people are ready to celebrate Easter. And what better place to spend the Easter weekend than the Caribbean islands? The weather is just perfect at this time of the year, the hurricane season is far away and you might even find some irresistible last-minute offers. Plus, Easter is widely celebrated in the Caribbean, so you won’t be missing the special holiday atmosphere. Here are some fabulous Caribbean Easter Destinations for 2013 to consider:


Jamaica is a fabulous all-year round destination, and at Easter time this Caribbean island famous for its music and cocktails is more festive then ever. There are many places in Jamaica where you can spend and extended Easter weekend or even a short holiday. Accommodation ranges from private luxury villas to all-inclusive family resorts or affordable beach bungalows. Also, Easter is a great time to take part in unique local traditions and manifestations, such as the Yam Festival in Trelawny.

Jamaica beach

Beach in Negril ©mcclouds/Flickr


If you are looking for an Easter retreat, try the sunny island of Grenada. While there won’t be any major events to disturb your peace around Easter, you can always join a local kite competition in case you get bored. Grenada beaches are fabulous at this time of the year, and if you need to get into the Easter spirit, feel free to attend the Easter mass.

Caribbean beach

Grenada beach ©Jason Pratt/Flickr

Trinidad and Tobago

If you happened to be one of the hundreds of thousands of tourists that attended the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival just weeks ago, then you are probably wondering, just like us, about what happens when the lent is over. Well, quite a lot, actually. The Good Friday is when a very interesting tradition takes place, the beating of the Bobolee. Rag dolls who represent Judas are hanged and beaten on the streets, to punish them for their betrayal.

Dominican Republic

As one of the Caribbean islands with a strong Spanish influence, the Dominican Republic has many tradition in common with Catholic Spain. Thus, the week before Easter – the Holy Week, is reserved for mourning and sober religious processions. There is also a procession similar to the one in Seville, which takes place in the Good Friday. On Sunday the mourning ends and people celebrate Easter with rich meals, beach picnics and all kind of activities.

Caribbean sea

beach in Dominican Republic ©benkucinski/Flickr

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