Caribbean Attractions for Kids

pirate figure

pirate museum ©Keo the Younger/Flickr

It’s hard for me to imagine a Caribbean vacation that kids won’t enjoy. With warm temperatures all year round, gorgeous beaches, and tons of attractions, this region has all the attributes of an ideal beach holiday destination. Of course, some Caribbean islands or hotels might be less kids friendly than others – let us just think of how often the Caribbean region is advertised as the perfect honeymoon destination. So to help you avoid the kinds of places where your kids might feel bored, or uncomfortable, and even more, to help you pick the most kids-friendly locations, here’s a short list of Caribbean attraction for kids:

Brimstone Hill Fortress, St Kitts

Once a feared fortress, Brimstone has now become one of St Kitts most popular attractions. This impressive fortress, built between the 17th and 18th centuries, has witnessed some of the most turbulent years in Caribbean history.

stone walls

brimstone ©jthetzel/Flickr

It reminds people of the times when slavery was a common practice in the region and constant wars were fought for gaining control of one island or another. But it’s also an example of remarkable engineering and the kind of out of this world place that stimulate every kids imagination.

Pirates of Nassau, Bahamas

And since we’re at the history chapter, nothing is more interesting in the history of the Caribbean than pirate stories. Nassau was one of those places where legend became reality. A renowned pirate nest in early 18th century, present day Nassauis home to this fun and interactive Pirates Museum.

pirate figure

pirate museum ©Keo the Younger/Flickr

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Bermuda is famous for its beaches, but few people are aware of its underground beauties. The island is home to an intricate network of caves. The caves are much appreciated for the numerous formations they hide, but what makes these caves unique is that they are constantly flooded with the purest water, which means that during your guided tour you will actually float on crystalline subterranean lakes.

Caiacos Conch Farm, Turks and Caiacos

You’ll have plenty of occasion to dive between colorful corrals and swim with sea turtles while vacationing in the Caribbean. But only in Caiacos you can see as many conches in the same place.

conch pens

conch farm ©silentgroove/Flickr

Although this might not be the ideal attraction for those suffering from conch phobia, it will certainly fascinate kids, who can witness the whole life cycles of these molluscs. Also, the farm is committed to preserve these marine animals and raise awareness about an often neglected species.


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