Budget Travel to the Caribbean

by grand velas riviera maya

Learning how to travel cheap to the Caribbean is certainly a useful skill. When it comes to such exotic vacations, the plane fare is usually the most expensive part of the whole trip, so knowing how to find the best deal and insure a reliable and inexpensive journey can bring a considerable contribution to the success of your vacation. The two most common ways to get to the Caribbean are cruises and planes, so in today’s post on budget travel to the Caribbean I try to give you some suggestions on how and where to look for the hottest deals.

Best time to travel in the Caribbean

Winter is when most people decide to go to Caribbean and escape the cold: it‘s also the time with the smallest quantities of rain and the most pleasant temperatures. Travelling during summer means that weather can be quite unpredictable, with very hot days and sometimes even hurricanes, but in the southern most islands like Aruba or Trinidad and Tobago the changes for a hurricane to occur are relatively low.

Tips for flying cheap to the Caribbean

by kevin krajci

A most essential budget traveling tip that never gets old is to book your flight as early as possible. Two hours of research spend five months before your trip can save you hundreds of dollars. It is also very important to know which is the peak season for traveling to the Caribbean: usually, any flights that are off season will be between 20 to 50% cheaper.

You’ll find numerous sites and traveling agencies offering full vacation packages: this is usually a good way to get a discounted flight, but this also implies that you won’t have to much liberty in choosing your hotel. Miami and Orlando are usually the airports where you can find the cheapest and most frequent flights to the Caribbean.  There will be also a lot of last minute/off season offers waiting to be grabbed by those with a more flexible schedules, so make sure you regularly check the sites of the major airlines operating in the region of the Caribbean.

How to book a cheap cruise

by philip larson

Cruises are probably the most cost effective way of traveling in the Caribbean. For a few hundred dollars you will get housing, food and a several day journey with excursions in several Caribbean islands.  Just like in the case of flights, cruise journeys can be less expensive during summer and autumn. If you don’t care too much for the view, the best way to save money is to book and inside cabin (no window). The big cruise operators also run frequent sales on their sites, so keep an eye on these, too.



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