Budget-Friendly Destinations in the Caribbean

by kokorowashinjin

There are many factors to take into consideration when planning a budget escape in the sunny Caribbean – air fares, type of  accommodation, local currency are just a few of them. One must also take into consideration that some Caribbean destinations are more likely to be pocket friendly that others. For examples, different local currencies might seriously affect prices: for a US tourists, countries using euros will be pricier than those using the dollar. Also, the busy resorts and big ports that are generally a little pricier that more isolated, locally owned places. While choosing the right time and flight is can save you precious money, many additional costs can also be avoided by picking the right destinations. Here’s a guide of some of the budget-friendly destinations in the Caribbean:

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a brilliant destination in case you are looking for less pricey all-inclusive accommodation. Many of these resorts are locally owned which translates into lower prices. A US dollar can buy you almost 40 Dominican pesos (the country’s currency), which also explains why this country can be considerably less expensive than Bahamas, for example.

Puerto Rico

Another relatively inexpensive Caribbean destination is Puerto Rico. While the capital San Juan is a veritable tourist hub (which actually makes all the money due to its picturesque and much praised old town), there are still very isolated beaches to enjoy, as well as superb, seemingly unspoiled tropical woods.


Another very popular destination among budget travellers is the island of Dominica. The island hasn’t so far allowed the construction of big hotel chains and it is very keen of environmental policies, which explains why many of the visitors are hikers and backpackers. While this might not be the ultimate luxury destination, it is certainly a place to remember, with Caribbean nature at its very best.


Cuba can be very versatile in terms of traveling: its all-inclusive resorts will have you indulge on all the comfort and beauty that luxury accommodation, picturesque beaches and good food can offer. On the other hand, plenty of the local entrepreneurs will be happy to host you into some nicely renovated colonial villa, beach house or even in their own home. The only difference is that, unlike in the case of all-inclusive resorts, going local will be more friendly to your pocket and will also allow you to immerse in a fascinating culture.


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