Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in the Caribbean

brid sanctuary

Frigate Birds ©Alaskan Dude/Flickr

The Caribbean region is exceptional not only in terms of cultural diversity, but also when it comes to biodiversity. The tropical climate can be held accountable for the luxuriant vegetation that covers most Caribbean islands. The warm and shallow waters around the islands’ shores are home to colorful coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish, sponges, shellfish and many other marine creatures.

The Caribbean are an ideal destination for anyone curious to learn about life at the Tropics and witness the marvels of nature. Diving, snorkeling and even hiking are popular activities in the Caribbean and common ways to discover the region’s nature. But just in case you are interested in certain species and you don’t want to rely entirely on your luck, then you should maybe check out these best wildlife sanctuaries in the Caribbean:

Bonaire National Marine Park, Bonaire

Stretching over a surface of approximately 27 sq kilometers, this National Park in Bonaire is one of Caribbean’s best marine reserves. The park was created several decades ago in order to protect the coral reef system of Bonaire from excessive fishing and pollution. As a result, today the park prides on its premiere diving sites, as well as its beautifully preserved, complex ecosystems. There are plenty of animals and habitats to discover here, from coral reefs and sea grass forests to marshes and even bacteria colonies.

Boniare wildlife

Lizard in Boniare park ©Paul and Jill/Flickr

Frigate Bird Sanctuary, Barbuda

Bird lovers should head for Barbuda, home to one of the most numerous colonies of frigate birds in the whole world. The peak season for watching these fascinating birds is October – there will be thousands of them in the beautiful settings of Codrington Lagoon!

brid sanctuary

Frigate Birds ©Alaskan Dude/Flickr

Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Barbados

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is not as wide as other parks in the Caribbean, but it hosts a great diversity of species. Actually, this Caribbean attraction combines the diversity of a zoo with the large spaces and natural settings available in a wildlife sanctuary. There is a fee at the entrance but the price is negligible once you get to see all the green monkeys, turtles, deer and the tenths of bird species in the reserve’s aviary!

Sandy Point Refuge, St Croix

The Sandy Point Refuge is an ideal spot for observing leather-back sea turtles, these cute and often endangered marine animals. But far from a simple wildlife refuge, this sanctuary is also of great historical relevance: archeologists have discovered traces of human activity that are 2400 years old.

Sandy Point

leather-back turtles ©USFWS Southeast/Flickr


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