Best whale spotting places in the Caribbean

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Pilot whale ©AZAdam/Flickr

It’s hard to imagine anything more exciting than spotting the world’s biggest animals: whales! These marine mammals are not only huge, they are also considered to be extremely smart and have a complex system of communication through sounds. Whales can be spotted in different areas of the world, but few are as good as the Caribbean. Adding a whale spotting excursion to your Caribbean holiday can make your vacation a very special one, so here are some of the best whale spotting places in the Caribbean:


You’ll often hear the people of Dominica speaking about their beautiful, green island as the ‘Whale Capital of the Caribbean‘. And believe it or not, the nickname is not an exaggeration. The easiest method to find your way around the sperm whales and pilot whales swimming and playing in the waters of Dominica is by hiring a guide. Also, have your camera ready as there will be plenty of dolphins,  too.

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orca family ©DrTH80/Flickr

Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean are some of the best places to spot the humpback    whales. The humpback whalesare known for being a sociable and communicative species; they also grow to be quite big, reaching a maximum height of 15 meters. February to April represents the peak season for watching the whales, as this is when the humpback whales mate.

humpback whale ©cheesy42/Flickr

St Lucia

St Lucia is a volcanic island that used to be part of the United Kingdom, and which is mainly appreciated for its tropical forests and untouched nature. It is also one of the best whale spotting places in the Caribbean. The two varieties of whales that are commonly sighted in the waters of St. Lucia are fake killer whales and sperm whales. Soufriere and Vieux Fort are two popular places where whales are known to hand around, but with a bit of luck and a some good binoculars you can also see whales from the shore.


The waters of Grenada are known to host a great variety of whales. So far, 15 species of whales have been spotted in the area, starting with the popular humpback and sperm whales and continuing with orcas, pilot whales and pygmy whales.

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Pilot whale ©AZAdam/Flickr

Grenada is known for its calm, clean waters, so in addition to whales you will also be able to spot several species of dolphins, turtles and other interesting marine animals. Late winter and early spring are the best months to visit Grenada in case you are interested in taking a whale spotting tour.

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