Best Snorkeling Spots in Curaçao

by sarah ackerman

It’s hard to imagine a better place to snorkel than the exotic Curaçao. Its calm waters are not only clear as a mirror but are also hiding millions of colorful fish and amazing sea creatures who live on the coral reef. And to make things even more spectacular, several dozens of ship wrecks lie on the bottom of the sea, just off the coast of Curaçao. Just to give you an idea about how clear the water is around the island, I should mention that some of the ships can be spotted by snorkelers, even though they are 30 or so feet into the water.
Snorkeling is very popular around Curaçao, and the great advantage of it is that you just need a very basic equipment and practically not experience. Once you got your swim suit and mask, you can start exploring the best snorkeling sports in Curaçao:

Curaçao Underwater Marine Park

This marine reserve is by far the most popular snorkeling spot in Curaçao. The place is situated in the southern part of the island, where the shallow water allows snorkelers to explore over 20 kilometers of reef. There is a great variety of sea life, but with a little luck or proper guidance you might also run into one or two wrecks.

Boka Grandi

by Ianz

In a direct translation to English this place’s name would be ‘the big bay’. Like most of Curaçao’s beaches, the site has different levels of difficulty, so it can be explored by divers and snorkelers alike. The great attraction of Boka Grandi are its underwater forests. The beach is also very good so you can just stretch out and enjoy the sand at the end of your snorkeling session.


This is one of the great places for coral spotting: there is a great variety of coral at Daaibooi beach, as well as some interesting varieties of sponge and fish. There will be both soft and hard corrals, creating quite an interesting underwater landscape, so remember to bring your underwater camera.


by direct dish

The word ‘boat’ in this snorkeling spot’s name might suggest many things, but the best way two remember it is as the place where you can only go by boat. But as strange as it might seem, the waters are not very deep which is why you’ll encounter a lot of snorkelers curious to see an old shipwreck located at only 17 feet underwater.

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