Best rated sports and sports events in the Caribbean

Honduras soccer shirt©roger4336/Flickr

Traveling to the Caribbean for the sake of sports doesn’t seem like a plausible scenario, however this part of the world is not all about carnivals and beaches. And I’m not just referring to gold here. Sports like football, cricket and baseball are quite popular in the Caribbean region. Also, the Caribbean have their own sports traditions, like cockfighting and goat racing. The following are among the best rated sports and sports events in the Caribbean:


Just like millions of people in many parts of the world, the people of the Caribbean have caught the football fever. Football, or as it is called in the USA, soccer, is played as both a recreational and professional sport. The Caribbean has its own international football competitions: an annual competition that is similar to the European ‘Champions League’ and ‘Europa League’ called CONCACAF, as well as the privately sponsored Digicel Caribbean Cup.

The Central American and Caribbean Games

The Central American Games are probably the biggest annual sports events in the region. The participants are not only the Caribbean nations, but all the countries that are part of Central America. The games now came to include over 25 different sports, like boxing, volleyball, athletics, cycling, diving etc. The month when the event is organized can vary a lot depending on the location – each country tries to host the games at least once.


You might find it hard to believe, but baseball is quite a popular sport in the Caribbean, especially in countries like Cuba and the Dominican Republic. A regional championship known as the Caribbean Series takes place every year; the competition brings toegther teams form Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Probably the most successful baseball team in the Caribbean is  Tigres del Licey, a team from Santo Domingo.


Cockfighting represents a traditional sport in most of the Central and South America. A highly controversial sport, cockfighting implies a fight to death between specially trained roosters. Due to its violent content, many animal rights activists have fought for the interdiction of this sport – and several Caribbean states have followed their advice. However, legal or not, cockfighting continues to represent an important element of the Caribbean culture. Puerto Rico is the best place to see such a fight in case you are interested, but remember, this is not actually a sport, as people go there to gamble.


If you happen to be a fan of cricket then you certainly won’t get bored in the Caribbean. Many of the Caribbean nations have their own cricket fileds and cricket teams, especially those who are or have been under british rule. This includes places like Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago and, of course, the British Virgin Islands.

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