Best Places to Shop in the Caribbean

by thoursie

The Caribbean is a sea of opportunities when it comes to shopping. From local food markets where you can taste the most unusual fruits to the luxury boutiques that are similar to those in the big US cities, the Caribbean can offer the wandering shopaholic a total experience. Of course, this pretty much depends on your chosen destination. For example, do not expect to find an Armani boutique in the picturesque and little developed Dominica.  However, places like Barbados, Bahamas or St. Thomas are closer to a shopper’s paradise. Take a look at some of the best places to shop in the Caribbean:

St. Thomas

by clt3xjm

St. Thomas is a popular destination with cruise passengers therefore there are countless possibilities to shop on the island.  Charlotte Amalie, the island’s capital, is one of the best places to bargain in the whole region: its duty-free shops are frequented by chords of tourists every day. In addition to the usual duty-free goods (perfumes, liquors, electronics) here you can also find lots of local arts and crafts shops where you can search for the perfect souvenir.


Once you’ve bought your bottle of locally produced rum (I mean it, it’s a must) you can go on and explore the lively shopping areas in Barbados. Don’t be surprised you will feel like you’ve crossed the ocean and landed in the heart of London. The selling of imported goods and deluxe articles from UK is one of Barbados’s main industries. Antique collectors should also pinpoint Barbados as their next destination.

Dominican Republic

by johnny berg

The Dominican Republic is one of the first American territories to be settled by Europeans, which explains the abundance of shopping centers and boutiques (most of them to be found in the capital, Santo Domingo). This in another great place to buy quality souvenirs, most of which are produced in local workshops. One of the most sought-for products is amber – the Dominican Republic’s amber jewelries and jewelry stores are very popular among connoisseurs.

Puerto Rico Shopping

Here is another one of the favorite shopping destinations in the Caribbean. The stores of Puerto Rico offer a colorful and eclectic display of products, from hand-made instruments to expensive cigars. Puerto Ricans are very crafty and they produce all kinds of objects – hand-made accessories, lace, small sculptures. There is also a number of great art galleries around San Juan, displaying the works of local artists as well as unique handcrafted objects.


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