Best Party Islands in the Caribbean

When an entire sea (or even ocean) separates your from your daily worries and your basic needs like good food, sunshine and relaxing atmosphere are all being taken care of, what else could you think of except throwing a monstrous party? Islands make perfect party hot spots for the simple fact that there’s nobody around to disturb. The only reason why people took all that effort to come here in the first place was to be able to make the best of their time. So if you are a party animal in search for the best party islands in the Caribbean, than this guide is dedicated to you. If by contrary are searching for inner peace or are a family guy caring dippers and feeding bottles in his baggage, then here are the places to avoid:

St. Lucia

St. Lucia CarnivalGetting bored is impossible when you are surrounded by loud night clubs and traditional music representations wherever you go – and considering that you are on an island, you cannot quite escape the soca rhythms, can you? Due to the recently opened resorts, wild DJ parties and carnivals St. Lucia seems to have gained a reputation among party goers world wide. However, under no circumstances should jazz lovers miss the intentional jazz festival hold annually in May.


Chilling under a palm tree, with a rum cocktail in your hand and a charismatic reggae band singing in the background? If this is your idea of a great time, than Jamaica is the place for you. The country where reggae was born is by far one of the best party islands in the Caribbean. And it also has several other aces up the sleeve: some of the finest sand beaches in the whole Caribbean, some famous music fests, as well as the hottest dancehall queen contests.


Barbados is another Caribbean destination famous for its nightlife, although not so much for its DJ clubs. Barbados has a very rich and diverse culture so live or even impromptu representations of traditional music and dance are omnipresent here. Oh, and one small tip: don’t miss the rum bars!


Carnival on the CaribbeanThe glamorous Las Vegas found its exotic counterpart in Paradise Island, Bahamas. From gambling to comedy shows, everything here is made to please you eyes and have you party till the break of dawn. Between a night of crazy dancing and a lazy afternoon on a white sand beach, remember that what happens in Bahamas stays in Bahamas.

Puerto Rico

Of you want to get the best of the Puerto Rico nightlife, then you’d better dress up and head for the lively San Juan. Once you’re here, all you have to do is follow the local crowd of party people. Whether you will end up in a salsa club or in a noisy bar, it’s less important, as fun is guaranteed.

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