Best late summer destinations in the Caribbean

cruise ship leaving St Marteen

St Marteen coast ©vlasta2/Flickr

Late summer can be a tricky time of the year for traveling in the Caribbean. On one hand, the hurricane warning is still on during the month of August; on the other hand, and exactly because of the previously mentioned reason, prices are much lower during this month – which means you can enjoy the same fabulous beaches for fewer dollars. But the good news is that the Caribbean is a big region so it’s not very likely for the same hurricane to hit all the Caribbean islands in the same time. This means that, with a little luck, and some smart planning, you can kill two birds with one stone: avoid the bad weather and save some precious money – cool, huh? So let’s see which are some of the safest and best late summer destinations in the Caribbean:


I have always enjoyed the name of this Caribbean island, it just sounds very exotic to me. So it makes me even more delighted to present you as some of the best destinations for August/late summer.

rock formation

Natural bridge, Aruba ©roger4336/Flickr

One reason for that is that Aruba is part of the Lesser Antiles (located very close to the coast of Venezuela), which puts is out of the usual hurricane route. Also, the dry climate makes it an all year round beach destination. Although Aruba is quite a small island, you will enjoy its calm waters and refreshing breeze.

St Marteen/St Martin

This half-French, half-Dutch island is another ‘safe’ choice when it comes to traveling in late summer. Although temperatures can be quite high in July and August, the constant breeze makes the climate rather pleasant. You’ll also have plenty to do while walking between the French side and the Dutch side of the island. Our advice is to eat and shop in St Martin and then party and gamble on the Dutch side.

cruise ship leaving St Marteen

St Marteen coast ©vlasta2/Flickr


Any snorkeler’s dream, Grenada is famous for its turquoise waters and the for the secluded beaches which makes it quite popular with honeymooners. Although water sports and privacy are the most widely advertised of Grenada’s attributes, the island is also known as ‘The Island of Spice’.

Grenada - a natural paradise

Falls in Grenada ©Lee Coursey/Flickr

This is because Grenada has a lot of rare flowers and fruits, but, most importantly, lots of spices. Actually, Grenada’s carnival – as you have probably cane to know already, each Caribbean island has its own carnival – is dedicated to spices and called the ‘Spice Mas’.

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