Best Diving Experiences Curaçao

by diko1967

A tiny island in the Dutch Antilles, Curaçao has earned a reputation as a diver’s paradise. The calm blue waters of Curaçao and the abundant marine life inhabiting the coral reef offer divers and snorkelers a unique experience. The islands particular geography (a steep underwater slope known as the ‘blue edge’) allows divers to descend very fast to considerable depths. There are plenty of diving schools all around the island, but for the best diving experiences in Curaçao it’s essential to know some great diving spots as well as what you can expect to find in each of them:

Superior Producer

The place takes its name from a ship that sunk here in 1977. This diving location is far too popular for you to get any chance at finding a treasure but the rusty ship wreck is absolutely fantastic to explore and photograph. Plus, you’ll get to swim among the numerous fish schools that have made Superior Producer their home.

Klein Curaçao

by diko1967

Klein Curaçao is the name if a petite island southeast of Curaçao. Klein Curaçao is both a favorite divers and snorkelers spot. Dolphins and turtles are quite frequent here, but those willing to immerse 100 feet under the water can discover a fascinating universe. There are four official diving spots around the island, with various difficulty levels and fauna. You can expect to see all kinds of animals and plants, from corals, anemones and sponges to crabs, rare tropical fish and even sharks.

Mushroom Forest

The name of this favorite diving spot near San Nicolas is of course metaphorical, but it’s also true that the eroded corals in the water resemble mushrooms. The Mushroom forest is home to species like the porcupine fish, parrotfish, snapper and even lobsters. Experience divers can have a go at the large cave at the margin of the cliff and try to spot one of the nurse sharks hiding inside.

Playa Kalki

by diko1967

Divers have dubbed the fantastic world in the depths of Playa Kalki ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This is a great place to look for strangely shaped corals, eel, lobster and even dolphins and whale sharks. Due to the weak currents this spot is popular with beginners, but advanced divers shouldn’t neglect it either. Also great for watching turtles and tuna fish.


With the risk of repeating myself, here is another great diving spot with another ship wreck to explore. The ship – Tugboat – is  quite close to the water’s surface (about 20 feet) so in good days it can be enjoyed by snorkelers as well. Even more interesting that the wreck are the numerous species of corals and anemones, as well as the colorful Christmas Tree Worms.

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