Best Celebrity Hangout Spots in the Caribbean

The Caribbean and Hawaii are probably the two destinations preferred by most US celebrities when it comes to beach vacations. The Hawaiian Islands might be indeed very exotic but on the other hand the Caribbean offer a greater variety, not to mention that here it is possible to rent a whole island for you own enjoyment.
There are plenty of luxury resorts and top-notch restaurants across the Caribbean which were designed to satisfy even the most demanding of the rich and fabulous. However, it might not be the best idea to spend your life earnings for just one night in such a deluxe hotel in the hope the you’ll run into Angelina Jolie at the reception desk. Not all celebrities choose to rent a whole resorts where they can live in total isolation. Some prefer to blend in, which means that you’re not hopeless in your attempt to get a picture with some Hollywood hottie in a bikini. Therefore, today I present you the best celebrity hangout spots in the Caribbean:


by mikeschinkel

Anguilla is often presented by travel guides as the yet-to-be-discovered gem of the Caribbean. But since more and more celebrities decide to spend their vacation on this coquette little island, it’s easy to assume that a new trend will be born and the hordes of tourists are soon to follow their idols. So far, Anguilla is small enough and isolated enough to allow close encounters of the lucky kind.

St. Barts

by alljengi

St Barts is not only a favorite vacation spot among celebrities, but it is not uncommon for these very famous people to organize a Caribbean style wedding on this posh French island. Some of them likes the island so much that they decided to buy a piece of land and build their own Carribean vacation house. For some mysterious reason, the island seems to be particularly popular among those celebrities with a high dose of humor, like Steve Martin or David Letterman.


by Jason Pratt

Mustique is among those precious privately owned islands in the Caribbean. Access to Mustique is quite simple: you’re either rich enough in order to afford renting a private villa, either famous enough in order for your visit to be considered an honor (in which case you might expect an invitation). Either way, you’ll be part of a very long row of famous guests, which includes Mick Jagger, Jeremy Clarkson and Prince William and Duchess Katherine.

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