Best Caribbean Cocktails

by conanil

Caribbean Islands are well known for their run-distilleries, but in addition to producing the best rum varieties in the world, Caribbean people are also good at using this flavoured drink in some very creative ways. And here I don’t only mean their heavenly rum-cakes, but also the great variety of rum-cocktails (and not only) that can be found across the Caribbean. While it’s hard to decide exactly which are the best Caribbean cocktails, it is certainly worth sampling some of these brilliant combinations of fresh juices, alcohol and exotic fruits. Islands hoppers and rum lovers will be the privileged categories here, as they are likely to discover a new cocktail on each island:

Mojito, Cuba

The ultimate destinations in terms of quality cigars and rum-based cocktails, Cuba is mostly famous for having invented the Mojito. The white rum is the main ingredient in this refreshing drink, tamed with sparling water and sugar and complimented by a fragrant mix of lime juice and mint.

Bahama Mama, Bahamas

by benjamin thompson

One of the several cocktails that have their origin in Bahamas, Bahama Mama represents an explosive combination of white and dark rum.  Liqueurs are also added to the combination (usually coffee and/or coconut), as well as fresh lime squeeze and pineapple juice. The perfect accompaniment for a warm Caribbean evening!

Caribbean Breeze, Bahamas

Another rum-based cocktail and again from the Bahamas is the Caribbean Breeze. American and Caribbean influences are both present in this cocktail, a combination of pineapple and cranberry juice, which sweeten the black rum and make this cocktail suitable for a lazy afternoon at the beach.

Painkiller, British Virgin Islands

by scaredy_cat

The British had their say in the history of Caribbean cocktail with this tasty mix of orange, pineapple, coconut cream and rum, if course. The cocktail is usually served cold, with plenty of ice and seems to have originated in one of the crowded bars in the Virgin Islands. For an authentic Painkiller, try to use BVI rum varieties.

Jamaican Fizz, Jamaica

Rum and pineapple seem to be the absolute musts in every Caribbean cocktail, so no wonder that they are also the basic ingredients in this Jamaican invention called Jamaican Fizz. What’s fizzy about the cocktail is, of course, soda, and a spoonful of sugar makes it even sweeter and more energizing. Sip it and let the Caribbean spirit and energy  inspire you, while enjoying the best of Jamaica’s silver beaches and contagious good humour.

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