Best boutique hotels in the Caribbean


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If I were to give you my definition of an ideal vacation, that would include a tropical, secluded beach, warm, crystal clear waters, and five star accommodation. When it comes to the Caribbean, the first two seem to be the standard no matter where you travel. As for the luxury, well, here you’ll need to do a bit of research.

This is not to say that luxurious hotels are hard to find in the Caribbean: quite the contrary. But what I meant by this is that privacy is an important part of luxury, and in this case, you might want to go for a hotel that is not only luxurious but also intimate – which is more or less the definition of a boutique hotel. So here come some of the best boutique hotels in the Caribbean:

Jamaica Inn, Jamaica

Those who travel to Jamaica in search for the best rum or the spirit of Bob Marley will be surprised to discover that the greatest thing about Jamaica is actually its beaches. These stretches of fine, silvery sand – which can sometimes go for tenths of miles – are true oasis of relaxation.

sunset in Jamaica

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And nothing highlights this natural beauty than a well-established boutique hotel like Jamaica Inn. This stylish hotel attracts visitors with its classic luxury, private beach and one of the best spas on the island.

Cap Maison, Santa Lucia

If you are ready to learn what it really means to be pampered, then maybe you should try out this St Lucia hotel. You can imagine Cap Maison as a miniature, and much more refined, all inclusive hotel: everything is there for you, from the private beach and private yoga lessons, to an awarded restaurant and even a yacht!

Laluna, Grenada

For honeymooners or any other tourists with an acute sense of privacy, nothing can work better than a sea view cottage. This hotel consists of only 16 seaside cottages, with a very rustic aspect but otherwise offering all the 5-star amenities, from private pools to guided nature trips.


Laluna ©kugelfish/Flickr

Fond Doux Plantation Estate

Those looking for something really special will enjoy the comfort and colonial elegance of this former plantation estate turned hotel. The estate consists of several houses and cottages of different sizes and different architectural styles, which can be rented according to your needs. Of this, the plantation house is the most impressive (and by this, I mean impressive to have raised the interest of the future King of Britain).

plantation estate

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