Best Accommodation in Curacao


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A Caribbean island with a unique culture and a famous drink to bear its name, Curacao is among the most popular destinations in a part of the world where sun and nice weather seem to be always present. Curacao is known as a premiere scuba diving destination, but also appreciated for its beaches and unique colonial Dutch architecture. Although some might qualify it as a bit posh, the truth is that Curacao can accommodate tourists with very different budgets. With a little planning you’ll be able to make the best of this island and enjoy best accommodation in Curacao:

Luxury Hotels

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Curacao offers a nice selection of internationally renowned hotel brands and luxurious local ones. Among the big hotel chains that have properties in Curacao are Hilton Curacao, Hyatt Regency Curacao, Curacao Mariott Beach Resort & Casino or Howard Johnson Curacao Plaza Hotel and Casino. All these hotels fall into the ‘splurge category’ and, as you’ve probably observed, most of them have their own casino – Curacao is one of the Caribbean’s favourite gambling destinations.

All-inclusive resorts

In case you’re interested in an all-inclusive, worriless vacation, Curacao won’t disappoint you – the island has two such resorts you can choose from. One of them is the Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, owned by Mariott and located in the capital Willemstad. The other is Breezes, one of the few super-inclusive resorts in the entire region.

Beach front accommodation

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Having a view of the incredibly blue waters of the Caribbean sea that you can enjoy to your liking can be an important factor in choosing the right hotel. Quite a few of Curacao’s hotels, resorts and villas are located right near the beach, as, for example, Avila Beach Hotel, Lions Dive and Beach Resort or Lodge Kura Hulanda.


Those aiming for more space and/or privacy can always opt for a rental. Whether it will be an apartment, a bungalow or a villa, it’s totally up to you. Willemstad is a good place to start looking for an apartment, but there are also apartment complexes situated near the main beaches, like Alegria Apartments , Bahia Apartment or Blue Bay Lodges. Some of these places might also offer bungalows, which are usually very budget friendly. For those aiming to indulge in the comfort of their own villa, private beach and pool, it might be a good idea to check out one of the following companies: Champartments Resort, Baoase Luxury Resort, Intac Curacao Villas.

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