Amazing Eco-Lodges in the Caribbean

by Lee Coursey

The Caribbean islands are certainly famous for the luxurious retreats and gigantic holiday resorts, but it is also worth taking a look at the eco-friendly types of accommodation available in this part of the world. The environmentally responsible tourists will be delighted to discover some of the most amazing eco-lodges in the Caribbean. These can range from self-sustainable, state of the art villas to simple wooden beach houses or even tents. Take a look at the following destinations and eco-resorts and see what might suit you:

Kido Ecological Research Station – Grenada

There is no better way to make the most out of Grenada’s unbelievably cleat waters and quaint beaches than booking a room/villa in some eco-lodge. The Kido Ecological Foundation is famous for the wildlife tours it offers – don’t let yourself tricked by the word ‘research’: the resort is open to anyone interested in the islands marine life, especially turtles. The minimalist but confortable rooms and the vegetarian kitchen will make a great accompaniment for an adventurous and highly educative holiday.

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, Dominica

by jmittermeier

An ocean side villa is a nice but often too common sight in the Caribbean. For those eco-tourists willing to make a change, Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge on the Island of Dominica will be a true revelation. The resort actually consists of some really picturesque tree houses hidden in the Dominican jungle. Guests here can experience not only total privacy, but also guided trips around the island. What’s best, due to resource and water management, your carbon footprint will be minimal.

Cinnamon Bay Campground, St John

If you’re willing to go all the way with your desire to enjoy the Caribbean nature and be a responsible tourist, then I suggest checking out the Cinnamon Bay Campground on the island of St John. One of the relatively few campgrounds in the Caribbean, this facility is situated within a National Park and offers minimal amenities, yet fully compensated by the fabulous trails, beaches and snorkelling sites around.

Papagayo Beach Resort, Curacao

by cphoffman42

Somhow at the opposite end is the Papagayo Beach Resort in Curacao. This resort has made a commitment to offer the maximum of luxury with the minimum of impact on Curacao’s superb nature and beaches. In addition to the remarkable interior design and coquette villas, the resort also offers one of the best restaurants on the island, as well an exclusive beach club, with signature cocktail and a very sophisticated and hip atmosphere.



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