Adventure Travel in the Caribbean

by cisc1970

While many Caribbean travellers prefer to lie on the beach or doze off in a hammock all day wrong, some try to look at the wild side of the Caribbean and make the best of their vacation. The best news for such adventure is that the Caribbean still had its wild and unexplored side, and with a little imagination you’ll easily find less conventional ways to enjoy a Caribbean vacation. Actually, a little research will show that adventure travel in the Caribbean is quite a prolific industry, hence all the fabulous activities one can engage in. Here’s a short list of possible adventure tours in the Caribbean that might rise your adrenaline level:


Bahamas might sound like a very crowded place during the season, but it hosts more wilderness than you could ever imagine. If you never heard of Exuma Cays before, you should learn that it refers to a huge and quasi-deserted area where lagoons, corrals, remote beaches and grottos make up a land of outstanding beauty. Exuma Cays are located within miles from the capital Nassau and they are mainly accessible by boat – kayaking you way through the emerald waters can be extremely exiting but also quite therapeutic.


by star 5112

Whenever Grenada is brought into discussion, along come its notorious diving spots. Diving into Grenada’s crystalline waters is the best thing you can do, but what’s really thrilling about this small Caribbean island are the numerous shipwrecks. Exploring the shell of a 200 year old ship wreck is th kind of experience that any diver would like to tell his or hers grandchildren.

Zip Wiring

The story of Tarzan has enchanted the childhood of many of us, so zip wiring through the jungle seems like a dream come true. It’s not just fun but it can also be quite educative. The Caribbean rainforests are very reach ecosystems, so in your ride you’ll also get to admire lots of rare species of plants, birds and butterflies.

Wildlife Tours

by danielHP

From sea lions to whales, the underwater fauna of the Caribbean is just as diverse as it is easy to spot. Different Caribbean islands host unique and fascinating creatures, like sting rays in Grand Cayman, sea lions in US Virgin Islands and whales in Dominica. There are also organized wildlife tours and bird watching tours through the Caribbean jungles, not to mention the exotic underwater fauna you can photo just by taking a small snorkelling or diving trip.

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