Adventure Travel in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe waterfalls ©sybarite48/Flickr

Guadeloupe waterfalls ©sybarite48/Flickr

Getting some postcard-quality pictures, a flawless tan and at least a week of worry-free pampering is enough for most tourists traveling in the Caribbean. And who can blame them? A relaxing vacation on some heavenly island is everyone’s dream. But there will always be those who want more, those who can’t lay in the sun for more than five minutes without craving for some action. So for all travelers out there who like their Caribbean vacation to be not only picture-perfect, but have some chills and thrills, here’s my short guide to adventure travel in Guadeloupe:

Climbing a volcano

For as clear and calm its territorial waters are, the interior of Guadeloupe’s Basse Terre island are wild and difficult the reach. The closer you get to the heart of the island, the wilder and hotter it gets – and by hot I mean as hot as lava. The island’s highest point is an active volcano – La Sourfiere. Conquering this Caribbean volcano is not impossibly difficult – especially with sturdy trekking equipment and a good guide – but what attracts hikers here is the fabulous vegetation around it: a luxuriant rain-forest swarming with life.


Guadeloupe is fabulous for divers and snorkelers but this doesn’t make it less of a surfer’s destination. Thus, on the Atlantic side of Grand Terre island trade winds generate constant waves, that are just perfect for a beginner or intermediate surfers. As for the adrenaline-junkies constantly waiting for ‘the great wave’, they can always hope for a storm/hurricane.

surfing in guadeloupe ©Jonathan Riddell/Flickr

surfing in guadeloupe ©Jonathan Riddell/Flickr


With its rugged mountains, fast mountain rivers and streams, and dense forests, Guadeloupe makes a brilliant canyoning destination. You’ll find several travel companies offering this kind of service on the island, all you have to do is pick one and be prepared to climb, abseil, and swim in natural pools.

Guadeloupe waterfalls ©sybarite48/Flickr

Guadeloupe waterfalls ©sybarite48/Flickr

Mountain biking

You don’t need any special skills to try mountain biking: just a rental bike and some courage. The rest comes naturally in Guadeloupe: crazy descends through the jungle, breath-taking panoramas, secret beaches, and enough adrenaline to last till you next adventure.


Due to the varied landscape of Guadeloupe, kayaking has become a very popular activity on the island. Exploring the scenic coastline of Guadeloupe in a kayak will take you to the most exciting places, from perfectly still lagoons to hidden coves surrounded by ricks and sharp corals. An alternative is exploring the island’s mysterious mangrove swamps.

Guadeloupe  ©sybarite48

Guadeloupe ©sybarite48/Flickr


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