Adventure Travel in Dominica

falls in the forest

Trafalgar Waterfalls Dominica © Anthony Quintano/Flickr

Dominica is truly a spectacular destination in the Caribbean and this is not the first, nor the last time you will hear this from us. The island is unrivaled in terms of sustainable travel, and its refusal to accept big companies and resort developers have helped Dominicans preserve their lush tropical woods and rich fauna almost untouched.

And this is just one reason to visit Dominica. With its mountains, thermal features, lakes and beaches the island offers countless opportunities for adventure travel. Here are a few examples:


Mountaineers will love Dominica, a volcanic island whose peaks dominate the horizon. These mountains are covered by luxuriant vegetation, and hide lots of natural wonders such as fresh water streams, boiling lakes, pools and waterfalls. In certain points, Dominica’s rivers form spectacular gorges, which make them suitable for canyoning. Canyoning excursion can be booked in the capital Roseau and last several hours. You will hike, swim, climb and abseil down waterfalls.

Dominica hiking trail

Dominica hikers © Titanium The Dog/Flickr


Dominica’s coastline is incredibly beautiful, but you’ll hardly get a chance to admire it with your own eyes while you’re on the island. But no one stops you from touring the island in a kayak boat. The calm and clear waters make kayaking suitable for beginners, and the amazing views and abundant sea life guarantee that you won’t get bored.


As in most Caribbean islands, snorkeling is a popular activity with tourists in Dominica. There are several beaches that are suitable for snorkeling, but what makes Dominica unique is that some of its snorkeling spots have underwater thermal springs. The fresh hot water resulting from volcanic activity meets the cool sea water, and the result is as bubbly as a bottle of champagne.

Jungle Trips

There is no other activity that is as popular in terms of adventure travel in Dominica as hiking. You can hike for days along Dominica’s trails, without ever taking the same route twice. There are short hikes for families and cruise ship passengers without much time, but also strenuous hikes for the professional hikers.

falls in the forest

Trafalgar Waterfalls Dominica © Anthony Quintano/Flickr

The secret in making the best out of this hikes is to take your time. You will find plenty of attractions and distractions in your walks through the jungle, and they all deserve attention. A lake of boiling water, some crystal clear fresh water pools and some beautiful waterfalls surrounded by ferns and moss are just a few of the hidden gems of Dominica jungle that can make your trip an unforgettable one.

thermal waters

Dominica Boiling Lake ©Titanium The Dog/Flickr

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