A Short Guide to Caribbean Customs and Traditions

by jerebu

Any person traveling to the Caribbean will be amazed by the diversity of people and customs which are to be found in these exotic islands. Spanish, French, Anglo-Saxon and African cultures have all contributed to the incredibly rich and diverse Caribbean culture. Variety is the spice of life affirms an old proverb, and the Caribbean seems to be the very impersonation of it. The mix of ethnicities and cultures of the island was responsible for many great inventions that we today take for granted so are reggae music, rum and Cuban cigars. But while these products can now be enjoyed in any part of the world, there are many other customs and practices that remain essentially Caribbean: they are the privilege of those traveling to this exotic land. For thoise willing to explore them, here’s a short guide to Caribbean customs and traditions:

Caribbean Weddings

There aren’t few those who choose to travel to the Caribbean in order to organize a dream wedding on the beach. But even if you’re not planning a Caribbean island I would recommend taking part in one. The traditional Caribbean weddings are usually a good reason for the whole village to participate and be happy. The bride and groom get dressed in their nicest clothes and stroll the whole village in their way to the church. Everyone can join party which follows the ceremony; however wedding gifts are much appreciated. There’s usually a lot of music and dance but also a lot of rum in a Caribbean wedding: even the wedding cake is soaked in this delicious drink.

Caribbean Carnivals

by sfmission

Carnivals are the one thing about Caribbean culture that all people know. It’s in the spirit of the Caribbean people not to miss any occasion to celebrate, which is why different carnivals talke place at different times of the year. However, most of the carnivals share the inciting calypso music, feathered costumes, strong colors and joyful atmosphere.

Caribbean Hospitality

Much has been said about the Caribbean hospitality: but one thing you should remember is that, even though it’s often mentioned in tourism adverts, this hospitality is in fact genuine. The Taino people were very friendly and welcomed Columbus and the first European settlers – this attitude is still present, and you’ll find the inhabitants of the island to be always friendly and helpful.

Caribbean Beliefs and Ceremonies

by elaphurus

Most of the inhabitants of the Caribbean are now Christians. Religion plays an important part in the life of the Caribbean traditional family but what makes these cultures even more fascinating is that fact that many of the beliefs and practices brought from Africa still persist in small communities. So don’t be surprised if you’ll encounter people who believe in spirits, or old women and men practicing strange rituals like Voodoo or alternative medicine.

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