A Guide to Caribbean Jungles

by caitlinator

The Caribbean islands are much about beaches, rustic villas and the unbelievably blue sea. But let’s not forget that many of them have also been blessed with lush tropical forests mountains and even cascades and lakes. Diving and getting the tan are certainly the two activities you shouldn’t skip while vacationing in the Caribbean, but hiding in the shade of the rainforest and exploring its interesting flowers and small animal species might bring a plus of adventure and excitement to your holiday. I therefore present you my guide to Caribbean Jungles:

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

by schizoform

One of the largest forested surfaces in the Caribbean, El Yunque National Park in Puerto Rico spreads over several mountain ranges in the central part of the island. Hiking through the rainforest is just as visually stimulating as it is difficult: the air is humid and dense, the huge ferns are claiming back the trails and insects (and here I don’t only refer to cute colourful butterflies) are in a constant buzz. However, you’ll soon discover that it’s all worth it: bathing in a crystal clear pond under a cascade or admiring the distant sea from atop a high peak is something most people only experience in movies.

Virgin Islands National Park, US Virgin Islands

More tourist-friendly in some way more diverse is the wilderness of US Virgin Islands. The National Park includes lots of secluded beaches, some cool diving spots, as well as a vast area of tropical forests. There are well-marked trails to hike on, but most importantly, lots of scenic campsites, so you can spend the night under the Caribbean sky.

Grand Etang National Park, Grenada

by fakelvis

Grenada is just a small island yet it its landscape is dominated by dormant volcano peaks, who in the thousands of years of inactivity have been invades by a luxuriant vegetation. Hiking up the Grand Etang peak is the standard in Grenada, but while making your way through the jungle remember to stop and admire some rare flower species and cool off besides one the numerous waterfalls.

Mount Liamuiga, St. Kitts

Even tinier than Grenada is the island of St. Kitts. The appearance of its volcano is even more impressive, but what make the ascent even more impressive are the eternal mists atop Mount Liamuiga. Once you’re in the very top, though, the air will clear off and you’ll be able to admire the neighbouring islands on a radius of several hundred miles on a clear day.


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