5 ideas for active vacations in the Caribbean

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I must say from the beginning that I was never among those people who find beach vacations a bit dull. I could comfortably position myself in a hammock and stare for hours at the sea and sky. But I don admit that I would be a pity to visit some fabulous Caribbean island and not get to meet any of the locals or explore the (almost always) amazing nature. Also, there can be so much to do in the Caribbean, from the obvious diving and snorkeling to hiking through lush rainforests and even white water rafting. I hope these next 5 ideas for active vacations in the Caribbean will inspire you, just as they might determine me to change my vacationing habits for a start ;).

Hiking, Guadeloupe

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There are plenty of things to admire in Guadeloupe, and many of them are nature-related. But the reason why I considered this to be the ideal hiking territory in the Caribbean is that the island Basse-Terre consists almost entirely of volcanic peaks covered by lush rainforests, adding up to almost 300 kilometers of hiking trails.

Diving, Curacao

You’ll find it hard to visit any Curacao beach without bumping into divers or snorkelers. Practically, the waters of Curacao are so crystal-clear and its underwater landscapes so rich, that diving becomes a must. Just to give you an idea about Curacao’s fabulous divingspots, let me just mention that its submerged ship wrecks are visible even to snorkelers.

underwater view

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Those who long to have the ultramarine waters all for themselves can easily choose between the numerous boat rental companies in Grenada. Such trips along Grenada’s scenic shores can last anything between few hours and a few days, you can discover all kinds of secluded beaches and hidden bays and you can even take sailing lessons providing you have the time.

White water rafting, Jamaica

The great advantage of the island Jamaica is that it’s big enough to have some decent-sized rivers on its territory. While the rapids on these rivers are not spectacular, rafting in Jamaica can be a very rewarding experience: not will rafts be made of bamboo, but the water is extremely clear in these revers, and the surrounding landscape sublime.

Kayaking, Dominica

Although Dominica would have been an obvious choice for hiking, I have decided to present you its often overlooked potential for kayaking. Dominica is less frequented by passenger boats and cruise ships, which explains its tranquil waters and beautiful little coves. Plus, you have a choice between three different types of environment: sea, lake and river.

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