5 Caribbean Attractions You Must See

by paparutzi

The Caribbean islands represent one of those vacation destinations that one should definitely include on the bucket list. There are few other places in the world that can outmatch these fabulous islands in terms of natural beauty or attractions: practically, the secluded silver beaches, azure waters and warm weather all year round represent most people’s idea of paradise. It’s hard to find an island in the Caribbean that doesn’t have at least one of the above mentioned attributes. Even so, here’s an example of 5 Caribbean attractions you must see and which by no means you can afford to miss out:

Orchid World, Barbados

The tropical woods the cover many of the Caribbean Islands are home to some really unique species of animals and plants, but few are as delicate and beautiful as orchids. The hot, humid and dark rainforest represents the ideal habitat for orchids, which is why these much appreciated flowers can be found in a great variety of species all over the Caribbean. The Orchid World garden near Bridgetown Barbados is home to approximately 20000 orchids and represents one of the most impressive displays of this amazing flower species in the world.

Old Havana, Cuba

Any exploration the colonial past of the Caribbean must start (or end) in Cuba’s picturesque capital, Old Havana. I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen enough pictures of colourful little houses, graffiti walls and vintage cars already, but you should know that Old Havana is much more than that. The bohemian cafes, street bands, large squares and colonial villas all contribute to that unique atmosphere that can be found only in Havana’s old district.

Negril Beach, Jamaica

by alfredmoya

It’s hard to imagine a finest sand than the one covering Jamaica’s beaches. And Negril is probably the most famous of all the beach towns in Jamaica: its Seven Mile Beach is long enough to accommodate a great variety of villas, hotels, restaurants and bars, not to mention a notorious nude beach.

Sting Ray City, Grand Cayman

Its crystal clear waters make the island of Grand Cayman an unrivalled snorkelling destination in the Caribbean.  The island is also known for its underwater park populated by sting rays: snorkelers can swim among hundreds of such curios creatures and observe their behaviour from a very short distance.

Grand Etang National Park, Grenada

by sybarite48

Another Caribbean wonder one shouldn’t miss is represented by the volcanic peaks that rise above the calm waters of the Caribbean. The Grand Etang National Park in Grenada is a superb example of such peaks, surrounded as they are in permanent mists and the lush forests. Presuming you’ll only get one chance to hike in the Caribbean, than Grand Etang should be your chosen route, without any doubt.

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