2012 Caribbean Carnival Dates and Booking Tips

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2011 is now over and most of you are probably already thinking about new and exotic places to spend your summer holiday. But you don’t have to think so far in advance: the always sunny Caribbean are there with their beaches and parties, and no sooner than the 7th of January a new carnival season debuts in the Caribbean. Feather headdresses, colourful bead costumes, big drums and socca rhythms will fill the streets of Caribbean’s major cities and towns. If you fancy a spontaneous carnival holiday, you might want to check these 2012 Caribbean carnival dates and booking tips:

Choose your dates and destination

And the absolutely fabulous thing about Caribbean carnivals is that they aren’t synchronized, so theoretically one can hop from island to island and enjoy a two or three months long carnival! However for those of you with less time to spare, here are the major Caribbean Carnivals and their dates for 2012:

Aruba, Curacao: 7th of January – 21st of February 2012

Santo Domingo: February 2012

Trinidad and Tobago: 17th of January – 22nd of February 2012

St. Kitts and St. Thomas: 22nd of April – 28th of April 2012

As you probably know already, the Trinidad and Tobago is the biggest and noisiest of the all. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected this street to fill the streets of Port of Spain and attend this exuberant manifestation of joy preceding the Easter lent. If you are too anxious to wait till the end January, you can always head for Aruba or Curacao.

Things to do before getting there

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There are two ways to get to the Carnival: either fly to some major Caribbean airport like Clayton J Lloyd or Port of Spain or party all the way to the Caribbean by booking a cruise. No matter what you option, be sure to check accommodation options in advance, as The Caribbean hotel get pretty crowded in Carnival season.

Tips for participating in the Carnival

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You should know that some of the bigger Carnivals like that of Trinidad and Tobago might require booking and a small fee if you want be in the first row and attend the awards ceremonies. You can also decide to participate yourself: in this case, some basic Latino dance lessons and a feathered costume are absolute musts. Most importantly, remember that the end of the parade doesn’t mean that the party is over; this is usually the season when clubs offer the craziest parties!


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